Safety Cameras & Collision Avoidance

Blind Spot Safety Cameras

Front, rear and side mount safety cameras extend your view and help eliminate blind spots.

On average there are over 500,000 reported backing accidents in the U.S. each year. Of those accidents, 15,000 involved injuries, including approximately 210 deaths.

Fortunately, thanks to the latest safety camera technology the blind spots that contribute to the majority of backing accidents can be largely eliminated.

Quality engineering and materials is vital when manufacturing safety cameras as exposure to weather, dust and other road debris can cause fogging and water to seep inside, ruining the camera view. EchoMaster safety cameras are built to withstand any weather condition, and will always provide a clear view.

With multiple mounting options, multi-views, you can find a camera built to suite your needs.


EchoMaster safety cameras can be integrated into your vehicle’s infotainment screen, paired with one of their own dash mount or flush mount monitors, or inserted into your rear-view mirror.

Parking Sensors

Maneuvering into any space has never been easier. Front and rear sensors come with audible and optional visual alert system. Simplify parking with front and rear sensors.

Backup Cameras

Clearly, the most obvious benefit of a rear-facing camera is that it helps avert injury-causing and potentially fatal backover accidents by expanding your field of vision, particularly below the rear window or trunk level. Cameras also increase your ability to see beyond the width of a mirror’s image, helping to eliminate blind spots. But in addition to helping protect people and property behind a vehicle, cameras have a number of other benefits as well.

If you tow a trailer, a backup camera can be especially helpful. The camera gives you a close-up view of the trailer as you line it up with your vehicle’s hitch, while line color and audible sensors keep you posted on distance.

Blind Spot Solutions

Simplify Lane Changing and Turning. Side blind spots can make lane changing difficult and dangerous, this is especially true with larger vehicles. You never know when a motorcycle, smaller car, or even a pedestrian could be lurking in your blind spot. EchoMaster has camera and sensor solutions to eliminate those blind spots, simplifying your driving experience. Fully integrated into your vehicle, your system will be triggered on when you use your turn signals, visual or audible alerts will let you know if you are clear to turn or change lanes.

Universal Side Blind Spot Cameras. Side blind spot cameras mount easily under your side view mirrors. A more narrow viewing angle than a typical backup or front camera, it is designed specifically for the blind spot. Allowing your eye to quickly and easily evaluate any potential danger. Our vehicle-specific kits include the video integration technology needed to integrate the image into your vehicle’s radio, and turn on when you use your turn signals.

Dash Cams

Drive. Record. Share. Never miss a moment with EchoMaster Dash Cams.