Most factory sound systems can’t give you the dramatic and high quality bass range that comes from having a subwoofer

Achieving the bass tone you want depends on power, space, enclosure, sensitivity, impedance, and number of voice coils. You can pair your subwoofer with an amplifier or purchase a subwoofer with an amplifier built in so that it’s already powered. The bass from your subs will create the sound and feel of a live show happening in your car.

A great subwoofer elevates the listening experience in a way no other audio component can. Below is a list of six different reasons why a properly engineered subwoofer would be a great addition to your vehicle.

Reveals Sounds and Feelings Your Speakers Can’t Reproduce

The majority of speakers start dropping off at about 50Hz, which deprives you of the full depth and clarity of bass tones. A great subwoofer will reach down to 20Hz or lower, right down to the limit of human hearing. This means you never miss a note and can even feel the lowest notes from something like a pipe organ, kick drum, bass guitar or the occasional cannon volley from the 1812 Overture, for a much more immersive experience.

Plays as Loud as You Want with No Distortion

In many systems, when you really start bumping music at high volumes, the woofers in your speakers can have trouble keeping up with the mid drivers and tweeters. A great subwoofer plays effortlessly loud and distortion free, no matter how demanding the musical material and how loud you like to play it.

Accurately Reproduces Every Note in the Low Frequency Spectrum

Unlike speakers, which can have a “sonic signature”, a great subwoofer is completely faithful to the musical content delivering bass notes exactly as the artist intended. This is also why a great subwoofer can be matched with any brand or model of speaker to add weight and energy to the overall listening experience.

Adds Speed and Control in Low End Transients

Many genres of music present rapid starts and stops in the vocals and instrumentals that lesser subwoofers can struggle with, resulting in a smeared or undetailed acoustic image. A great subwoofer has the speed and transient response to present bass with phenomenal realism and impact so even the fastest bass lines are rendered with feeling and precision.

Blends Seamlessly with Full Range Speakers

A great subwoofer should always sound and feel like an extension of the speakers without overpowering them or drawing attention to itself. When blended perfectly, a great subwoofer allows speakers to sound their absolute best, across the frequency spectrum, so highs sparkle and mids have perfect clarity without being overpowered.

Unleashes Sonic Potential of Smaller Speakers

A powered subwoofer brings its own low frequency amplifier and with proper bass management, a connected AV receiver or amplifier can drive smaller speakers in the mid and high frequencies above the crossover point. This allows speakers to perform to their full potential no matter what the content.

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Featured brands are Pioneer Electronics, Alpine, JL Audio, Focal, Hertz and Audio Control