When you add more power, you improve your dynamic range and as an outcome you get better sound. If your volume sounds distorted at high volumes, or if you simply want your system to be louder, you may want to consider adding an amplifier for instantly clearer sounds at a larger range of volume levels that a amplifier inside a dash receiver cannot match. Overall, adding amplification will create a better sound quality and will provide the power to get the most out of your speakers and subwoofers.

Give Your System More Power

Once you’ve replaced the speakers, the next step is to add an amplifier to give them more power. The added power will make the speakers live up to their true potential, bringing out the details and clarity of your music. You’ll need a 4-channel amplifier to power your front and rear speakers. Another tip: if you intend to add a subwoofer, you can power it with the amplifier’s rear channels until you’re ready to add a separate subwoofer amplifier.

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