Vinyl Wraps

Professional Vehicle Wrap Installation

Here at Extreme, your vehicle can be personalized by using vinyl wrap to really make the ride your own. Extreme Car Audio’s technicians are professionally trained to install all types of vinyl wraps. Extreme can install pinstriping, add racing stripes, add flames, or collaborate with you to create a custom look.

We can help you put your personal style on your vehicle.

Vehicle Wrap Benefits

  • Enhances style & appearance
  • Wraps cost less than a comparable paint job
  • Wraps have more color options than a paint job
  • Wraps take less time to complete than a paint job
  • Protect factory paint finish & is removable
  • Protect vehicle in everyday driving conditions
  • Protects the factory paint from UV rays
  • Preserves the paint finish which can crease the resale value
  • Installed by professionally trained installers
  • Nationwide limited manufacturer’s warranty

Custom Vehicle Pinstriping Designs

  • Can pinstripe any vehicle & any size
  • Impress others with style
  • Lots of customization possibilities
  • Installed by professionally trained installers