10 Remote Starter Myths DEBUNKED

Remote Starters are probably one of the least understood products that a 12 volt retailer like Extreme Car Audio sells.  There seems to be a lot of bad information floating around.  We want to take a few minutes and dispel some of the myths about Remote Starters:

Remote Car Starters Will Void My New Car Warranty

Nothing could be further from the truth!  The Magnuson Moss Act forbids a vehicle manufacturer from doing this. If you want to read the details of the Magnuson Moss Act click here.

Remote Car Starters are Bad for My Car

Everyone here at Extreme Car Audio have never found any information to support this.  In fact, many top mechanics would agree that allowing the car to warm up for several minutes before running can extend the life of your motor.

Remote Car Starters Waste Gas

Actually, as a tie in with number 2 above, warming up your car can actually improve your gas mileage.  When you hop in your car on a very cold day and just take off, your engine is working overtime and consuming more gas.  Warming it up and thinning the oil for a few minutes can improve your mileage.  And isn’t it easier to press a button to warm it up instead of going out in the frigid cold.

I Cannot Get a Car Starter Because I have a Manual Transmission

In the past, I would have agreed.  Today’s Remote Car Starter technology has come a long way.  Our starters employ a very sophisticated, yet easy to use, method to prevent the vehicle from starting while in gear.   If you have a manual transmission vehicle, you can enjoy the same comfort and convenience as those with automatics.

I Park My Car in My Driveway so I don’t need long Range

The fact that you park in your driveway at home is all well and good, but what about when you are at the mall….or the movies… or a restaurant…. You might need to park 100 yards away or more.  Don’t you want to take advantage of your Remote Starter all the time?  Of course you do.

I Have Keyless Entry Already.  I Don’t Need That Added To My Starter Installation

Well, you probably do.  Your factory remote has probably less than 100 feet of range.  All of our Remote Starters start at 1500 feet of range.  So if you are already in line at the movies and can’t remember if you locked your doors, don’t worry.  Just press the lock button on your Remote Starter remote and you can rest assured that your car is locked.  Not to mention all of the other convenience features that you can add to your starter installation.

My Key has a “Chip” in it so I Cannot Get a Remote Car Starter

Almost every vehicle key made anymore has a “chip” in it.  That chip is designed to prevent your car from being hotwired.  A Remote Starter essentially “hot wires” your car in a very controlled way.  So in order to make a starter work, we need to fool your car into believing that the key is in the ignition.  Our starter manufacturer offers hundreds of solutions for almost every vehicle on the road.  In most cases, it is a matter of installing an additional “bypass module.”  This module replicates the actions of that chip, thus allowing the car to start.

My Cousin’s Best Friend’s Uncle Can Install a Remote Starter for Me

DON’T DO IT!!!!  Today’s vehicles are very sophisticated and integrating a Remote Starter to them is a very complicated procedure.  We have gone through countless hours of training and have access to world class technical support if we need it.  Can “Uncle Louie” make that claim?  Probably not.  While he might be an excellent mechanic, Remote Starters are a whole different animal.  You wouldn’t bring your car to us for body work, would you? Of course not.  You would take it to an expert.  When it comes to Remote Starters, Extreme Car Audio is the expert.

I Park in My Garage so I don’t need a Remote Starter

Oh yeah? Do you park in a garage at work?  Or your local eatery?  Or what about the “garage” at the movie theater?  Does your best friend let you park in his/her garage when you visit?  You will get more use out of your Remote Starter away from home than at home.

I Can Only Use My Car Starter for A Few Months A Year?

Why? You will quickly find that your Remote Starter is just as useful in the dog days of summer as it is on a frigid winter day.  Your Remote car Starter will cool off your vehicle on hot summer days also.  Just remember to leave the AC on when you get out of your car. Your Remote Starter will do the rest!


Extreme Car Audio has been installing Remote Starters for over 20 years and we sell and offer lifetime warranties only the very best starters made.  Stop in and let us help you find the perfect remote starter for your vehicle. With the holiday season looming over us, give the gift of a warm car this Christmas and your gift will be remembered for years to come.