Your vehicle is usually your 2nd biggest investment. It is worth protecting!

Clear Paint Protection Film, also known as Clear Bra, is a great way to protect your vehicle and keep it looking good. The clear thermoplastic polyurethane film is the same concept as the films that protect your cell phone from scratches, and is a protective layer between your car’s paint and rocks, dust and UV rays from sun.

Paint Protection Film does more than protect the cosmetic perfection of your paint, it protects your investment. Here are some of the main benefits our customers get from Paint Protection Film.

Paint Protection Film Protects Your Vehicles Exterior from Rock Chips, Scratches & Other Debris

Any driving subjects your car to road debris, rocks, and scratches. Even parking can result in accidental dings and dents. Paint protection film installed on your vehicle is a clear layer between your vehicles precious paint and things that could harm it like rocks and other cars.

Protection from the Weather

The change in climatic condition also can take a toll on your car paint, which might cause damage during extreme summer or winter. The hot sunlight of summer and the salt in the winter will make the paint color go dull. Car paint protection film helps in protecting your car paint to get damaged from any kind of weather and you can happily park it in hot sun or in the snow or even under a tree full of chirpy birds.

You Won’t Even Know it’s There

Clear paint protection film is virtually invisible, and your car’s beautiful finish will shine through while being shielded from damage. We have a range of films available, and our professional installers will custom fit your vehicle- you won’t even know it’s there.

Originally Developed to the U.S. Military So You Know It’s Tough

Clear urethane protection film was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from airborne debris in the Vietnam War. Repairing the blades often became expensive, so the military developed clear film to shield the blades from gravel and stones, and they rely on films to this day.

In the 1990’s, racecar drivers also took notice of the advantages of automotive protective film and used it to protect their vehicles from track dust and gravel. Paint protection film is still a favorite solution to protecting a vehicle from the wear and tear of track use.

Custom Installation Offers Better Protection

Our technicians specialize in custom cut and professionally installed automotive films. This custom process designs a film that perfectly fits your vehicle, needs, and budget. The films we use provide seamless and comprehensive coverage over all vehicle surfaces, including those awkward edges. Professional installers are in performing custom installations, which is highly valuable especially for if you have a vintage or exotic vehicle with unique lines.

You are Protected by Warranty

Paint protection film technology has made many advancements since its inception in the Vietnam War. Modern day film is flexible and won’t fade, bubble or crack. In fact, our manufacturers offer extensive warranty periods several offer up to a lifetime warranty on both materials and labor.

No Waxing

Most people in car service stations use wax to give a shiny and sparkling look for your cars. But the fact is, these waxes are temporary and wax easily melts in the sun and sometimes gets washed off. A protective film is made with a shiny look and once applied your car looks shiny and attractive and which is always an advantage.

Increases the Value

A car or any four wheel vehicle needs regular maintenance and its value is shown in its exterior and interior appearance and running. Driving an amazing car or any other four wheeler with its own unique look has its perks in increasing its value as well as making you a proud owner. Driving a spotless car and without any tiny scratch on it is a good feeling and makes people go wow! Well, we all own a flashy car for a purpose, isn’t it?

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