ADC (Audison D-Class) Technology 1Ω stable output stage ensuring
high audio performance in a compact size.
Extruded aluminum compact design with fan less convection
cooling system.
Built-in USS (Universal Speakers Simulator).
Balanced high-noise rejection input speaker-In (for OEM head units)
and RCA-In (for Aftermarket head units) inputs.
ART (Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off) automatically turns on/off the
amplifier when the OEM head-unit turns on/off (can be enabled/
disabled, with Speaker-In inputs).
Pre-outs, also available when using Speaker-In level inputs.
Bass Boost (50 Hz) adjustable to 12 dB, to increase the subwoofer
24 dB continuous adjustable (50 to 250 Hz) Lo-Pass subwoofer filter.
SUBSONIC filter (24 dB – 25 Hz), removes very low subsonic
frequencies from music signal to avoid damages to the subwoofer.
Optional VCR-S1 Remote Volume Control providing the ability to adjust
subwoofer volume level from the dashboard.