Smartphone Control
2-Way LCD Confirmation
Proximity Unlock
Full-color LCD screen
2-Way Alarm Alerts
USB Rechargeable
2-Way LCD Remote
GPS Tracking
3-Mile Max Range (for the remotes)
IPX-7 Waterproof
Remote Start
Keyless Entry
105dB+ Alarm Siren Included
Glass-Break Sensor
Dual-Stage Shock/Impact Sensor
Tilt Sensor
Built-in Accelerometer
Built-in Turbo Timer
Manual-Transmission Safe
Diesel-Engine Safe


The all-new PRO T13 is the industry’s most advanced remote start and security system! The remote’s sleek design packs a punch and includes:

• Brand New Proximity Unlock Feature!
• Full-Color LCD Screen
• 2-Way LCD Remote with 3-Mile Max Range
• USB Rechargeable Battery
• IPX-7 Waterproof Remote

This kit also includes the powerful Drone X1 LTE module and a free 30-Day trial of DroneMobile Premium!