Compustar PRO T12

2-Way LCD, 3-Mile Range Remote Kit

Model: RF-P2WT12-SS

3-mile max range, USB rechargeable, IPX-7 waterproof remote kit. Includes one 2-way LCD and one 2-way LED remote. Works with all Compustar remote start and security systems.

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3-Mile Max Range
2-Way LCD Confirmation
2-Way Alarm Alerts
IPX-7 Waterproof
3-Year PRO Warranty
USB Rechargeable
2 x 2-Way Remotes
Remote Start
Keyless Entry
Up to 8 Programmable Outputs
Up to 5 Programmable Inputs
Manual-Transmission Safe
Diesel-Engine Safe
Built-in Turbo Timer
Security Upgradeable
Limited Lifetime System Warranty

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3-Mile Max Range


2-Way Alarm Alerts, 2-Way LCD Confirmation


IPX-7 Waterproof


Diesel-Engine Safe, Manual-Transmission Safe